Indukern provides Blend-a-Kern solutions for different types of beverages to be found on the market.

These solutions are based on blends of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers or other food ingredients, for optimum usage and properties for each application.

The solutions are designed specifically for:

  • Stabilizing fruit pulp or proteins, suspending of particles ( minerals, vegetable…) and preventing phase separation (oil and water)
  • Adjusting the texture and viscosity of the beverage to the customer's requirements

Fruit juice based drinks

The Blend-a-Kern BFZ solutions for fruit juices, nectars or fruit juice based soft drinks, are blends of hydrocolloids to stabilize the fruit pulp and prevent precipitation, to give texture and appropriate viscosity without changing the taste and adapting to the production process of the customer.


Vegetable drinks

The Blend-a-Kern BVH solutions are blends of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, proteins and salts for stabilizing vegetable drinks like soybean, oats, rice and almonds milks or drinks, in order to avoid phase separation.


Acid protein drinks

For drinks based on mixtures of fruit juice and milk or soymilk, Blend-a-Kern BFA solutions are blends of hydrocolloids and / or fibers that prevent the precipitation of the protein and maintain the stability of the beverage.

For calcium fortified beverages and other minerals, these solutions keep minerals or partices in suspension.