Indukern provides Blend-a-Kern solutions for the industry of processed meat products (cooked, dried and fresh) based on the following proposals:

  • Functional ingredients: hydrocolloids (carrageenan, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, konjac ...), functional collagen meat protein, vegetable proteins, phosphates, nitrifying salts, starches and fibers.
  • Intermediate blends of functional ingredients.

Cooked meat products

The Blend-a-Kern CCI solutions are texturizing ingredients combinations for the production of cooked meat products, both injected and tumbled.

These solutions help to improve texture, maximize performance (by increasing water retention) and prevent syneresis or separation of juices, obtaining products with optimum texture for sliced ham, cold meats and poultry products.


Emulsified fine pastes

The Blend-a-Kern CCE are texturing and emulsifier solutions for the production of emulsified cooked meat products from any type and quantity of meat and protein.

These solutions help improve texture, maximize performance and stabilize emulsions, preventing syneresis or separation of fats and obtaining products with optimum texture in ‘galantines', ‘mortadella', pates and Frankfurt sausages.



The Blend-a-Kern CDX texturizing solutions are combinations for the production of dried sausages  (salami, pepperoni...)

Meat-based or vegetable proteins and fiber solutions, among others are offered to improve the texture and allow cost reduction for partial replacement of meat in the final product.



The Blend-a-Kern CFX solutions are combinations and mixtures for the production of fresh meat products consisting of minced meat and marinades.

They are solutions that combine meat proteins with a high cold gelling capacity, vegetable protein, fiber and other texturizing solutions to increase performance of the final product, reduce costs and improve product performance during cooking, grilling and frying.