The Food Division of Indukern develops technological solutions for processed food, designed to meet the needs of its customers, enabling them to meet their objectives in terms of new product development, problem solving and cost optimization.

It counts on a complete and integrated installations, a modern laboratory and pilot plant that allow:

  • Analysis and testing of both raw materials, and finished products.
  • Perform application testing.
  • Prepare finished product samples
  • Provide technical support to sales department and customers.
  • All activity is carried out with absolute discretion, providing creative solutions while considering customer needs in terms of end product, processes and raw materials available, to develop viable, sustainable and safe solutions


The laboratory has the most advanced and innovative teams in the sector, which allows application tests on products obtained with the blends and ensures their optimal functionality.

  • Process equipment for agile approximate tests: speed stirrers, thermostatic baths, fermenters ...
  • Process equipment for a scale representative of industrial processes.
  • Measuring equipment to analyze or measure physical and chemical parameters of texture or stability of raw materials and finished products: optical microscope, pH meter, viscometer, texture meter...
  • Application equipment to test the finished products in their specific applications.

Dairy, cheese and beverage pilot plant

The pilot plant has the necessary equipment to simulate at a semi-industrial level, the processes that take place in the following industrial sectors:

  • Beverages: tubular UHT pasteurizer, homogenizer and laminar flow cabinet for aseptic filling.
  • Natural and processed cheeses: Reneting tank, lyres and molds for fresh cheeses and Twin screw cooker with direct steam injection.

Meat pilot plant

Meat applications represent a strategic market for our Division. As such, we have set up a pilot plant which incorporates the necessary equipment to carry out and reproduce each industrial process with the utmost reliability and reproducibility:

  • Meat mincer.
  • Cutter. Cutter/mixer for the preparation of emulsions and fine pastes.
  • Mixer. Available with a vacuum packing system.
  • Vacuum extractors. To remove air from pastes or masses of meat, avoiding product defects such as bubbles or oxidations.
  • Stuffers. Available with different stuffing calibres.
  • Meat injector. Available with perforated needles.
  • Vacuum tumblers.
  • Cooking oven. Available with temperature and moisture control. Enables smoking processes to be performed.
  • Robot coupé. Emulsifier for making pâté, pastes and emulsions.
  • Cooking moulds in different shapes and sizes.