Indukern provides Blend-a-Kern solutions for different types of milk products: chocolate milk, yoghurts, fermented milk, recombined milk, dairy desserts...

These solutions are based on blends of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, proteins or other ingredients, with optimal functional properties for each application.

The solutions are designed specifically for:

  • Stabilizing fats, proteins, mineral supplements, fibers ..., in order to avoid phase separation
  • Partial replacement of milk or milk protein for other ingredients, with the aim of reducing the costs of the final product
  • To provide the desired texture.


We have solutions for all types of yoghurt: stirred, set and drinkable. The solutions are based on blends of hydrocolloids (pectin, agar ...), starches, gelatine, emulsifiers and milk proteins to provide the desired texture in each case, reduce syneresis, obtain a smooth and glossy surface and partially substitute milk powder, optimizing the cost of the final product.

  • Stirred Yogurt (Blend-a-Kern LYB)
  • Set Yogurt (Blend-a-Kern LYF)
  • Drinkable Yogurt (Blend-a-Kern LYD)

Creams and vegetable creams

The Blend-a-Kern PW solutions for creams and vegetable creams are blends of hydrocolloids (carrageenan, cellulose, alginate), emulsifiers, fibers and other ingredients used to reduce the fat content, prevent syneresis, to regulate texture and control the overrun in the case of whipping cream. We also have whipping solutions based on vegetable fat.

  • Cream (Blend-a-Kern PWN)
  • Vegetable Cream (Blend-a-Kern PWV)

Recombined milk

For recombined milk, the Blend-a-Kern LBR solutions are blends of hydrocolloids (carrageenan, guar ...), celluloses and emulsifiers that reduce fouling during heating, increasing productivity and maintaining the stability of the milk, thus avoiding phase separation.


Chocolate milk

The product range Blend-a-Kern LBC stabilizes milk drinks and stirred chocolate milk, preventing precipitation and giving the desired texture.

These solutions are blends of hydrocolloids (carrageenan, guar ...), celluloses and emulsifiers.


Fermented milks

The Blend-a-Kern LBF solutions stabilizes fermented milk drinks to avoid precipitation of milk proteins or phase separation and improves texture.

We combine hydrocolloids like pectin, CMC and fibers for Kefir, Ayran, Laban, pre and probiotic drinks fibers.

Leches fermentadas

Dairy desserts

The Blend-a-Kern dairy desserts LPG range is based on starches, hydrocolloids (carrageenan and gums), emulsifiers, gelatin and other ingredients to obtain the right texture for each customer and adapt the production process accordingly.

  • Applications: flan, custard, Catalan cream, curd, panna cotta, mousse, etc