Indukern offers its Blend-a-Kern SXX solutions for manufacturers of sauces: mayonnaise, low fat mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressings.

These solutions are based on combinations and blends optimized for one or more of the following ingredients: hydrocolloids (xanthan gums, guar, locust bean, tara, pectin), starches, milk proteins, emulsifiers, acidifiers and preservatives and possibly other ingredients for optimizing each application.

The solutions are specifically designed to help develop new products and improve problem solving issues such as:

  • Texture Control
  • Viscosity Control
  • Emulsion Stability
  • Partial or total egg replacement
  • Suspension of particles, vegetables or herbs
  • Cost reduction
  • Process Improvement

Mayonnaise and Low fat mayonnaise

The Blend-a-Kern SM solutions are based on blends of hydrocolloids, gums, starches, emulsifiers and milk proteins to control texture and to ensure proper emulsion in such sauces, increasing the possibility of eliminating all or part of the presence of egg.

They also allow working with all kinds of levels of oil content:

  • Mayonnaise and low fat mayonnaise with egg (Blend-a-Kern SMH)
  • Mayonnaise and low fat mayonnaise without egg (Blend-a-Kern SMW)


The Blend-a-Kern SDX texturing solutions are texturized combinations based on hydrocolloid dressings to control the texture and viscosity and maintain particles (spices, vegetables ...) in suspension.



The Blend-a-Kern SKX solutions texturizing combinations based on hydrocolloids and starches to produce ketchup type sauces with different viscosities, texture and stability depending on the type of packaging used.